Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Camping

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, Clark, Knox, and I headed up to Jordan Lake State Park to go camping. We camped at Poplar Point Campground in Loop B at site B057 just in case you are ever in NC and want this same view for your camping experience. I actually made the reservation online a few days before and it cost $17. I would totally recommend it. We got to the campground around 2pm, the state park said check in wasn’t until 4pm but we didn’t have any problem checking in at the gate and the person even gave Knox a Milkbone. We got to our campsite and set up. It was very hot our around 95 degrees (if I remember correctly) so we spent the next 3 hours in the lake.
The lake water was perfect! Since it was hot out and the lake water felt really great. Everyone seems to be out any joining the lake. There were people boating, jet skiing, tubing, even sailing, and wind surfing. We got our own little private beach right in front of our campsite and since there weren’t any other campers near us, we let Knox off his leash and he was for the most part well behaved. I think I can officially say that September 1st was the day Knox learned how to swim. We first got him to swim by throwing sticks for him to fetch just a little ways out. Then once he got comfortable he would come to us on this own which was awesome. I felt like a proud parent watching my kid learning how to swim. (I know crazy dog mama over here.)
We then made hotdogs by the fire and watched the sunset. Then we made smores’ (probably the last of the year) and also played cards by the fire. We didn’t really need a fire because it was still 88 degrees out so we only really needed it for cooking and not warmth. After a while and it had gone completely dark we decided it was time to get into the tent and try to sleep.

Well turned out the tent was SO HOT. You guys don’t even know. Knox was panting and after about 20 minutes we realized that we were not getting to sleep anytime soon. So we sat outside in the cooler air and around midnight we were both thinking in our heads maybe we should just go home. I didn’t really want to try to pack up our whole campsite in the dark so we both just sat quietly for a moment then Clark said “I am just waiting for you to give in so we can go home.” and we both laughed really hard. Then we scrabbled and got our campsite packed up in the middle of the night and headed toward home about 1am. So we did technique spend the night. I think we both figured we might as well go home and get good sleep for a few hours rather then stay and get miserable sleep probably no sleep for 8 hours.
So not all plans turn out like we expect but that is just life. And we stopped and got McDonald’s ice cream cones on the way home so that’s a win in itself in my book.
love, Carlee
Tribal Tank: Forever 21
Hat: Boston Red Sox Team Store
Black Swimsuit: Old Navy

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  1. that picture of the sunset is ridiculously beautiful! (insert heart eyes emoji!)
    i miss camping now!!!!
    this looks like so much fun!


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