Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our first year

Clark and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on Saturday, July 5th and we had the best time. We kept it low key and just enjoyed each others company and did things we love to do. Like eat pizza for our anniversary dinner. Clark suggested that we go to our favorite italian restaurant for dinner but I wasn’t feeling fancy and really just wanted to sit outside and eat pizza. After I said that Clark laughed because that is what he wanted to do too. He just thought since it was our anniversary that he needed to suggest a nice dinner. I am glad we are on the same page and low key chilling eating pizza is our kind of anniversary date night.
Earlier in the day we packed a picnic and found ourselves a spot along the Cape Fear River. We went to this place on a whim, I was searching on google maps for a good non public place we could access the river and found myself a dead end road by the Goodyear plant that had a well worn trail down to the river. We took Knox and he enjoyed getting really muddy and digging for sticks in the water. This place definitely has frequent visitors and it looked like someone had had a camp fire the night before. When we were leaving we actually crossed paths with 2 guys headed to the river with fishing poles. It was a nice private spot and I kept telling Clark it would be the perfect spot for a rope swing into the water... although I don’t know how deep the water is so that’s a little sketchy. 
These photos were taken Saturday evening. We both had had a wonderful day and I knew that at sunset I wanted to take one year anniversary photos. The plan was to take the photos at Gilchrist Bridge because it was one of the first spots we had visited when I first came to Fayetteville in June of 2013. So we took the 30 minute trip from our apartment to the bridge. About halfway there Clark realized we were running on almost empty gas and we were about 10 miles from any gas station. We got to the bridge and there were about 10 people fishing. Some from the dock and some had parked there cars on the bridge and were fishing from there. So my plan of taking photos on the bridge was out. We hopped back in the car and worried we weren’t gonna make it back to the gas station and I worried that the sun was going to set before we found another place to take photos. I mean we were all dress up so these photos were going to happen.

We made it to the gas station. After getting gas we took a side road and pulled over by a corn field. I thought it was as good as spot as any so I got my camera set up and we snapped away. I manual set my camera aperture and shutter speed and focus on Clark then set my self timer which then takes 9 photos each 5 seconds apart. (just in case you were wondering how I captured these photos) I love the lighting and honestly couldn’t have wanted these photos turned out any better. And now Clark and I have a whole new memory together.

One more thing, I never shared any wedding photos last year except photo booth ones. This was because 1. We didn’t get the majority of our photos back until October and then I felt weird about sharing them 3 months later... like maybe I would confuse my blog readers. Anyways I was thinking about sharing some. The question is, would you like to see some wedding photos from last year?
love, Carlee
Dress: American Eagle 


  1. i love these pictures!
    and yes!!! please share your wedding pictures!
    dont feel weird about it!! show your pictures off!
    theyre for memories!!!
    i cant wait til i have the chance to do this as well!!!

    congrats once again and here's to many more!!!


  2. Oh, y'all make such a beautiful couple. Congratulations on your first year as a married couple! :)


  3. Happy Anniversary, girl! I absolutely love the photos and you should definitely post your wedding photos. There is no such thing as too many pictures!!!

  4. Of course share your photos!! These photos are too cute!

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. The pictures are so beautiful and you are such a gorgeous couple! Cheers to many more years together. xx


  6. Happy Anniversary!!! Beautiful pictures ... would love to see more, "old" or new :) How sweet u 2 r so in synch <3

  7. Congrats!
    so cute pics ;-)
    Love, SuzieQ

  8. Wow, you can see that you guys are totally in love.....Congratulations! xx p.s. Love you to check out my blog sometime!


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