Monday, September 8, 2014

1897 Poe House

This post has a funny story behind it. I had heard about the Museum of the Cape Fear but didn’t really know if there would be anything of interest. Until I came across the 1897 Poe House (named for the year it was built and the family) which was Edgar Allan Poes house and his families for 3 generations. I am sure you all read some literature from Edgar Allan Poe in high school or college well turns out.... it was not his house. Clark and I spent the whole tour of the home thinking it was the poets house, you know the guy who wrote The Raven. I was about to say things like “where did he do his writing?” and I am so glad I didn’t because this Edgar Allen Poe (goes by E.A. Poe to avoid confusion) was actually just a wealthy business man who had a brick business in Fayetteville NC in the early 1900. Not the poet. So I guess I didn’t read the fine print well enough but Clark and I had a pretty good laugh about it. 
Although this wasn’t the Edgar Allen Poe we thought, the home was still really pretty and interesting. This man actually went by E.A. Poe probably so others wouldn’t be confused like I was. The home was very well restored (I guess the restoration cost $600,000) the last alive daughter of EA Poe, Lily actually gave the state of North Carolina the house after she passed and wanted it to be a museum. It doesn't cost anything to visit which is nice. The tour guide also said during Christmas they deck the whole house in Christmas trapping and they even have women making Christmas cookies in a original cast iron stove. 
If you are in Fayetteville I would recommend seeing the Musuem of the Cape Fear (misleading Edgar Allen Poe house and everything.) It takes you though the history of the Native Americans, colonist, civil war, etc all in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina. There is also a park called Arsenal Park located on the ground which I plan on visiting soon. And they have a really cool gift shop. This outfit is a simple but affective one. I also enjoy the length of the skirt, usually I don’t wear knee length skirts or dresses but I like this one. I have actually had this dress since high school and I love experimenting with my clothes in new ways. Happy Monday.
love, Carlee
Dress: Old Navy
Shirt: Gap
Sunglasses: American Eagle
Shoes: Macys
Bag: Target

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  1. Very funny story - made me laugh! I love Poe, so I would have been so super excited... and then not. ;) You look very cute and comfy for touring - love the way you knotted your tee!



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