Monday, September 1, 2014

365 project: August

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. While July was the month of our anniversary, eating yummy desserts, and taking more evening walks. In August we went on more adventures, Clark’s mom came to visit, went to the beach, Clark transferred battalions which he was happy about, and spent the last summer days by the pool. 
1. Clark and Knox. So not technically a photo of us  but still a good one.
2. Running our second 10k of the summer. American Red Cross Run for the Red
3. Went on a date to Cameo Art House Theatre
4. Selfie in the car..we were parked.
5. Outfit post photos.
6. Sun’s out tongue’s out.
7. Chips Ahoy blizzard of the month from DQ
8. It was a pretty sunset, you’ll have to take my food for it.
9. Pancakes. Raspberry syrup for me and peanut butter M&M for Clark.
10. Birthplace of Pepsi in New Bern NC
11. Cape Lookout Lighthouse
12. It was sunny but we were laying out in the grass playing with Knox.
13. Walking in the forest in the evening.
14. Clark’s mom came to visit.
15. Putt Putt Fun Center, playing air guitar with our putters.
16. Family photo
17. At the beach, Wrightsville Beach
18. Hanging by the pool.
19. Not sure what this is from but it’s a photo of Clark and I.
20. Walking in the evening and it was a lovely sunset.
21. On the couch chilling with my husband.
22. Smoothies at Rude Awakening.
23. Walking with Knox.
24. We got SODA SHAQ at the grocery store. So funny so awesome. The orange creamsicle is good.
25. Knox was nervous because there was thunder.
26. Playing outside with the pup.
27. Special treat of double stuffed Oreos.
28. Blizzards at DQ. M&M for me and Apple Pie for Clark
29. At the Dog Park. 
30. Cosmic Bowling with friends
31. Sunday morning before our grocery store run. 

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love, Carlee


  1. This was such a fun post! Seeing all the pictures was so fun!
    xo ClassToCloset


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