Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jordan Lake

How was everyone’s Labor Day weekend? We were lucky because Clark got Monday and Tuesday off. So yesterday we headed up to Jordan Lake State Park to go camping for the night and also hang out and swim and enjoy the unofficial last days of summer. It ended up being so hot! I guess it was the hottest Labor Day that the sandhills of NC had in 5 years. I am gonna talk more about our camping adventure tomorrow and just focus on Jordan Lake for this post. 
Jordan Lake is only one hour away from Fayetteville so it was a pretty easy drive. It was our first time visiting and I am so glad that we went, it is definitely a gem of a lake in NC and near our home. It will definitely be a place we visit next summer. The water was really nice. We went swimming and got Knox to swim for the first time. Since we were camping we got our own little beach right in front of our camp site which was so nice. It was also nice that not many people were camping. We only saw 1 other family camping in the area we were at. So we actually got to let Knox off his leash and not worry about him bothering people of running off. 
It is a pretty big lake with a lot of different areas. There is like 5 campground, a boat launch area, a public picnic and swimming area. Speaking of boats there were tons of people out on the lake boating, jet skiing, and tubing! Looked like a lot of fun. We had a really great day and it will most definitely be a place we return to next summer. Stay tuned for lot o’ photo of our camping adventure. 
love, Carlee
Tank: Marshalls
Shorts: DIY


  1. What a pretty day at the lake! Great pictures :)
    xo TJ


  2. that scenery is so beautiful.
    yosemite is a must now! (:

    1. Yes for sure! And thanks for the sweet comment on my video post:) Also did you get my last letter?

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