Thursday, September 4, 2014

Autumn Intentions 2014

Can you believe that is it September? The summer flew by and while I really enjoyed this summer it will be nice to get some cooler weather here in NC and also less humidity. I also really knocked out my summer intentions list and so I thought I would share what I want to do this autumn as well. 
French fries and lemonade at the county fair last year. Knox in a pile of leaves. My friends and I in the front row of a UW football game in 2012. Perfect changing leaves in Seattle. Farm in Vermont in September 2012. Carving pumpkins last year.

1. Go to a football game (9.20.14)
2. Carve pumpkins (10.26.14)
3. Make and dress up in Halloween costumes (10.31.14) And we got first place in the costume contest at Clark’s work. 
4. Eat chili and corn bread. (9.2.14) (10.5.14)
5. Make an apple pie (10.26.14)
6. Visit Laurinburg nc and see the grave of Spaghetti the carny mummy.
7. Make and decorate Halloween cookies. (10.11.14)
8. Go to the NC state fair. - County fair (9.12.14)
9. Watch scary movies (10.31.14) We watched Insidious 2 on Halloween night. 
10. Wear lot of layers and also drink hot cocoa! (9.9.14) (10.1.14)

These aren’t really goals as just things I really want to do because they seem fun! And since I wrote my summer intentions down in June and got basically all of them accomplished I thought I would do them same with autumn in the hopes of doing all these things! Do you have any fun plans for autumn?
love, Carlee

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  1. This is a really cute post idea!I'm so excited for autumn,in the UK its still quite sunny but I can't wait for that to go away so I can embrace the true spirit of autumn! x


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