Friday, September 5, 2014

Happening 9.5.14

Reading John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley and I am loving it. 
Photos from the end of the summer pool party that our apartment compex threw. I wanted to eat all the laffy taffy!
Sent out greeting cards to be in the Maiedae Mixer swag bag. Wish I was going to this awesome event!
We went cosmic bowling with a bunch of friends a couple of Fridays ago. Although I got last place every game, it was a blast. 
Two of my favorite iPhone photos from our Labor Day camping trip.

I was really craving beef stew the other day so I decided to make it last Sunday. I always used to have slow cooker meals on Saturday or Sunday as a child so it was a familiar feelings one that I enjoyed. And while I usually make corn bread muffins from scratch with this corn meal, I decided to pick up from of the Jiffy cornbread mix and it was so much better. Way less grainy. I was kind of disappointed I thought made from scratch was always suppose to win out. Not in this case. Buy the mix people.

Clark and I also when to dairy queen last week. I wanted to get one last Chips Ahoy Blizzard of the month for August. Well to my luck, the Chips Ahoy mix was out so I got M&M but they already had Apple Pie and that’s what Clark got. We spent the next 15 minutes eating our blizzards and deciding what "blizzard of the month” flavors we would make everything month if it was up to us. And here they are January: Red Velvet Confetti, February: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, March: Pistachio, April: Cadbury Egg, May: Andes Mint, June: Smores’, July: Red Raspberry White Chocolate and Blueberry, August: Orange creamsicle, September: Caramel Apple, October: Pumpkin Spice, November: Cinnamon Roll, December: Gingersnap.

I spent a good portion of yesterday working on Christmas cards and I was planning on getting them listing by the end of September but I think it might happen sooner. I am planning on around 10 new Christmas cards and I am bringing 5 of the top sellers back from last year. I can’t believe that it is September and I am talking about Christmas. So crazy.

Hope everyone has the best weekend. This week legit flew by!
love, Carlee

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