Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Artsy Jewelry Hanger

Most of my jewelry it tucked away in little boxes or in a small jar in the bathroom. I don’t wear jewelry very much anyways but even less since it is not organized very well and stored in odd places. But, I got some inspiration when Les posted this DIY on her blog. Obviously mine DIY jewelry hanger is totally different but I took the initial inspiration and come up with something I knew I could make with things I already had. I actually had all the material to make this except the main branch (which I found in this wooded area by my apartment.) Also the DIY I made fits into the aesthetics of my bedroom way better and that’s why I chose super bright and fun colors.
You’ll need
A branch or stick
2 dowels
Painters tape or steady hand
2 Command stripes
1. Peel off all the bark from the sticks and get all underneath dirt off.
2. Rinse of in sink and scrub down with an old sponge and let dry.
3. Decided where you want paint and put painters tape around area so you get sharp clean lines.
4. Paint and let dry completely (I was going for something like this, I don’t think I am patient enough)
5. Paint dowels next and let dry.
6. Next nail dowels to the stick. I used really small nails and still have to be careful the dowels didn’t split.
7. After both dowels are nailed on, wrap burlap ribbon around the dowel in order to cover the nail.
8. Wrap tight so that the dowel feels even more secure. Cut with scissors and tuck excess ribbon into itself in the back.
9. Now it’s ready to hang. I used two command strip tabs to secure it to the wall.
10. It has now been hanging above my bedside table for 3 weeks and is still going strong.
This was a super fun DIY to do and now that my jewelry is nicely displayed in a organized manner I have a feeling I will by more likely to grab a piece or two to wear (once in a while).
love, Carlee


  1. this is sooo cute!
    such a neat twist on a diy idea!

    (and thanks for the shout out! (: )

  2. This is adorable, I especially love the colorful painted stripes :)
    xo Hannah


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