Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Carvers Falls

I found this falls through the ZipQuest (located in Fayetteville NC) website. I was looking into doing something fun with Clark for our anniversary and since we both like sports I thought maybe zip-lining would be fun although we didn’t end up going (maybe another day) we did end up hiking to Carvers Falls which is right under the zip-line trail. We had a great time wading in the water and letting Knox loose to run around and explore. I was excited about finding this waterfall because all the water here seems so slow (like the Cape Fear River) or still standing like all the lakes. In the Pacific Northwest we have lots of fast moving, free flowing, water/waterfalls so it was nice to find a waterfall here in eastern North Carolina. ( I know there is waterfalls in the NC mountains. Hopefully we make our way out there this August)
We were thankful no one saw us and that there were no zip-liners at the time because we were exactly not sure if we were allowed to be there or not. But sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness then ask permission. We didn’t have to do either as we left before we came across anyone else. We actually left because as we were standing in the water Clark saw a snake slither into the water and yelled ’SNAKE'. After that we were out of there, I am kind of glad I didn’t see it because I probably would have been way too freaked out.
From the top of the falls
Currently, Clark and I are both really enjoying this recipe. I made it for dinner two weeks ago and again last night. It is really good. I modify my recipe a little bit but the recipe doesn’t seem too strict so it didn’t seem to matter. Yummy all the way though. I paired the meatloaf muffins with mashed potatoes and canned corn. 

Also note that I have my iPhone in my sports bra in these photos and one of my boobs is not really pointy and weird. Just thought I would say that because it’s pretty noticable. Does anyone else put there phone in there bra when there is no where else to put it? 
love, Carlee
Shoes & Shorts: Nike
Shirt: Reebok


  1. these picture are beautiful!!!!
    i love that you guys are always out doing these sort of fun things!

    we should become pen pals! that way if i ever make it out there i have someone to show me around! lol


    1. Yes I would love that. Email me littleslothcards@gmail.com and we can exchange addresses!!


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