Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lake Rim

The weekends are precious around here. Clark is off work and we get to relax and go out and be active with our pup. Or do other things we enjoy. This past weekend was as you know Halloween weekend, we decorated our trunk and dressed up as The Princess and The Pea for trunk or treat at Clark's battalion. We are very excited for Halloween this Thursday and we are hopeing to get lots and lots of trick or treaters because we bought way to much candy. At least we bought candy we both like that way we can eat it if worse comes to worse. haha.
On Saturday, we took our little man on a walk around Lake Rim. This lake is only about 10 miles from where we live so it was a good little trip to take. I really like walking in nature, especially since we got Knox and he likes going on new trails and getting lots of excercise. There was plenty of people fishing on the dock and relaxing. Also the sky was so blue and pretty. It was a nice crispy fall Saturday. I am really enjoying the weather this fall season here in NC. So much better then the humid summer days. The autumn weather is perfect here. Not to cold just crisp and sunny and no humidity. 
We actually didn't walk all the way around the lake. We got about a third way around the lake and realize we had already gone a mile and there was still a ways to go so we decided to turn around instead of going all the way around. It was a good walk and Knox loved it. After we got home he passed out for a couple hours and just napped on the flour.
This is one of my favorite flannel shirts. It is actually a Mens shirt, if you didn't notice. It is comfy, big, loose, and perfect for a relaxed weekend.

I still have 2 post from our trip to the Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will get around to posting them. It feels weird then you get backup up on blog post and yet want to continue on with what is happening in your day to day life. I will probably post one tomorrow so stay tuned for that. 
love, Carlee


  1. ugh, i love north carolina SO MUCH. it's just so beautiful!

  2. i am experiencing that right now with blogging! i neeeed to finish posting my wedding posts, and travel posts.... and in the mean time i've had so many other thoughts i wanted to share. it's such a strange place to be! i think you're handling it beautifully, for what it's worth.

  3. Looks beautiful there! I have family that lives in East Tennessee and they always say it's the prettiest during Fall.

    PS. Love your plaid shirt! I just bought a plaid scarf and can't take it off. The thing is seriously a blanket.



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