Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cape Fear River Trail

I am always looking for new good walking trails and new places to enjoy the outside while letting Knox get some exercise. Knox is still a puppy and a hyper ball of fun so sometimes walking on the trails while there is other dogs and people is difficult. But we still like taking him and man does he get worn out. The Cape Fear River Trail was awesome they had poop bags and trash cans (for the dogs) and also had water stations for the humans and the dogs. And the water jugs must be replaced during the day because the water was super cold and fresh. 
We walked this trail in the evening last weekend and while it was cooler than usual it was still SO humid. Coming from the Pacific Northwest I am still not used to the humidity. Although, this is my second summer living in North Carolina I don’t think I will ever get used to it. Oh well I guess I can struggle through the summer because I have noticed that the spring and fall in NC are very lovely. With good mild temperatures and no humidity. 
Lately, life has been pretty relaxing and normal. I have been working on an abstract painting. I bought a bunch of supplies from AC Moore the other day and all yesterday I was painting which was really relaxing actually. I took my time, let it dry, came back to it, see if it needed more. Just kind of went with the flow. I have another canvas and I want to do another one but I have a feeling it I rush into it, it might turn out crappy. Anyways, hope y’all have been having a good week, I am off to walk my dog.
love, Carlee
Top & Sunglasses: American Eagle
Shorts: DIY
Converse: Nordstrom Rack


  1. North Carolina seems like such a beautiful place, at least there you are guaranteed some warmth as opposed to Ireland with it's crazy weather modes ;) Are you going to post some pics of your painting?

  2. Oh posted it up on Instagram hahah oh I'm so silly! I love the colours in it!


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