Friday, November 22, 2013

A walk with my dog

Yesterday afternoon Knox and I ventured out to take a little walk. Most of the time I take him for long walks in the afternoon but I usually never bring my camera. Lately I have been super inspired my beautiful instagram photos so I thought I would bring my camera a long with me. It is nice to see that the leaves are still on the trees here in NC. I love how long fall stays around. I mean it is almost Thanksgiving! It did take a little while for the leaves to turn but once they did it has been a magical season. That is one great thing about Clark being in the military I get to live and explore a place a probably never would have. It's exciting and never know what the future will bring. 
So back to these photos they were all taken with my Nikon D5000 camera. It was around 3:30 yesterday when I took these and the sun was just going down (crazy how early it gets dark these days.) I like how the light it peaking through the trees. I have always found it fun to photograph and I am glad I have the means to keep doing so. Even if the photos are the best it is fun to capture little glimpes of life.
Currently, Knox is sitting next to me on the couch while I type up this blog post. I am already thinking up cards for Mother's/Father's Day which isn't for months. But I guess I have to be on the ball. Maybe I should start thinking of Valentine's Day designs before anything. Clark and I have been on a non-stop Parks and Rec marathon lately. I am glad there are a lot of season on Netflix. I will be sad when we have gone through them all. It is a really funny show. I can't believe I haven't gotten into until now. Oh well. Have a happy Friday.
love, Carlee

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