Thursday, November 21, 2013

Orange leaves in the park

All week this week it has been 'clean sweep' on Fort Bragg (where Clark works.) So instead of doing there regular jobs everyone, all soldiers, are put to work for some fall cleaning, like spring cleaning. They have been mowing, weed whacking, picking up garbage, racking leaves. Pretty much just doing tedious work getting ready for winter. The good thing about this is that Clark has been getting off work earlier then normal. He usually gets off work at 5pm but this week they are kind of just done when they are done. So Monday he got off at 3:30 and Wednesday he got off at 2:00. So on Wednesday we decided to head to the downtown area to walk around. 
We like getting Knox out to new places and I remember seeing this little park area when we were driving on many occasions. I also remember the leaves being bright orange and wanted to catch some still on the trees. Unfortunately, the leaves had pretty much all fallen. But it still made for some lovely photos and Knox absolutely loved the leave pile we found. He loved hiding, jumping, and running all around in it. It was a good afternoon which I really enjoyed. I am definitely thankful for it because usually by the time Clark gets home on the weekdays it is already dark outside. 
Speaking of cleaning, it seems like I need to do some of my own. My house looks like a distater. Really. Our love seat it just pilled with coats and there are about 15 pairs of shoes at the entry way. Also dog hair. So off to cleaning, I go. At least it is early and it is Thursday which means it is almost Friday and I think Clark and I are gonna go see the new Hunger Games movie this weekend. Anyone else?
love, Carlee
Sweater: American Eagle
Tank & Jeans: Marshalls
Boots: Cathy Jean (in Seattle)

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