Monday, November 25, 2013

First show

On Saturday I attended my first expo. I call it an expo and not a craft fair or show because it had other vendors besides just crafts. It was a good experience for just one reason. I got my first show out of the way. But other than that it wasn't all that great. I assumed it was gonna be more crafts/handmade but it ended up being a lot of people selling brand products like Mary Kay, Origami Owl, etc. 
I heard about this show directly through the lady that was putting it on. She contacted me via Etsy convo and said she loved my card shop and needed a few vendors for this upcoming Saturday as a few had dropped out. So I looked around her event website and facebook page and thought "if she thinks I am a good fit for this event than I will probably do okay." It turns out I was mistaken. 

I was nervous, as it was my first show, but thankfully Clark was there with me to help me set up and carry in my display and also he stayed with me and kept me company. I did happen to make my first sale about 15 minutes into the show so I was really excited thinking it was gonna be a good experience but after the first one I only had a couple more and I was there for 4 hours. So it was a bust and not worth the entry fee at all. I did get to meet a couple of local Etsy sellers so that was nice. 
Things I learned from my first show
- Do the research yourself about the shows you find interesting and only apply to ones that are 'craft' or 'handmade.' 

-Make sure the show is advertised and promoted well. 

-Make sure the show is in a good location and has high foot traffic. 

-Make sure it is worth the entry fee. 

-Bring snacks and water. Clark and I did this and I am sure we would have regretted it if we didn't. 

-I think my biggest advice to myself when looking at other craft shows is to make sure that the shows are 'handmade' shows or craft shows. Because a lot of the people that looked at my booth didn't realize I made and designs the cards myself and once I explained it then people were really impressed. I guess they thought I was reselling for a company like many people were doing. 

So from now on I know to only apply for handmade/craft shows. That is the biggest take away I have. I don't want to be a downer, it just wasn't a good experience. It was a learning experience though. I am over it and moving on and making my shop and business better in other ways. Ways I have control over. Happy Monday.
love, Carlee

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