Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mott Lake

After visiting Lake Rim, I have been on the hunt for other trials around lakes or rivers. We do have the Cape River near us but I have yet to find a good trail that goes along the river. But I did find Mott Lake which is on Fort Bragg. Clark said that he had been by it before when going to a jump zone. So we headed out on a beautiful day to Mott Lake with our pup Knox so we could walk around the lake.
You could tell this place gets a lot of people traffic. Tons of litter :( and also lots of tire tracks and such. It was a beautiful day so that helped that there was so much trash. Knox is not a fan of the water. Every done I had growing up as a child loved the water so it is weird that Knox doesn't like it. He also HATES the bath. Which isn't very fun for Clark and I when we are trying to give him a bath. ugh. haha.
Days have been pretty normal around here. It is a 'four day' this weekend. Which means Clark gets Friday and Monday off of work. He usually gets one of those every month and we always take advantage of them. Saturday Clark is in the Veterans parade then hopefully we can explore some of the places I have been meaning to check out while in North Carolina. Have a great Wednesday.
love, Carlee
Shirt: H &M
Shoes: Nordstroms Rack
Leggings: Target

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