Friday, November 15, 2013

Twig Star DIY

Lately I have been wanting to bust out the Christmas decor. The problem is, I have NO Christmas decor since this is Clark and I's first Christmas is our on place/married/on our own. I guess everyone starts somewhere. One thing I knew I could make that would be easy is a twig star DIY. I have seen quite a few on pinterest so I knew it was do able. I used twigs I found when Knox and I were on a walk earlier in the week. And I have the rope in my craft bag. So this DIY was completely free for me to make. Which is a bonus because well we are newlyweds and trying to safe all the money we can. 
1. Find 5 twigs that are roughly the same size.
2. Layout the twigs the way you want it put together. 
3. Tie the rope at all the places the twigs intersect. I kind of just winged it with the way I tied the rope. I just looped a lot and made sure it was secure. Sorry I don't have better directions for this part. 
4. Done. 
I really like how it turned out and it was really easy and cheap. It adds a little bit of holiday spirit to the house. I got the canvas art that it is sitting on at Hobby Lobby. Just in case you were wondering. 
love, Carlee 

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  1. ahhh i love that twig star!!!!!! such a good idea! thanks for the post girl!

    xo staci


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