Monday, November 18, 2013

During the day

Each day isn't the same for me but there are elements that are the same. It seems lately that my parents have been asking more what I do during the day. Just curious I think. I have always done something. Either gone to school or during the summer had a job. So each day I had a set something to do. These days I don't have a set something to do.
So most days I make sure our house is clean and up to par (Some days this doesn't happen).

-I write a blog post or two.

-Edit photos.

-Package Etsy orders and restock cards.

-Most days I exercise. I either going for a walk in the morning or running on the treadmill in the apartment gym. 

-I have also been trying new recipes like crazy. I made homemade pizza recently, mini corn dogs, and homemade hamburger buns. I think Clark enjoys not knowing what we will be having for dinner but it is usually something new! 

-Also everyday at 1pm Sex and the City has been on and I have been enjoying watching that. I actually have never watched Sex and the City and I am just recently getting into it and LOVING it. I might be asking for the complete series for Christmas. ha. 

-Somedays I go on adventures like when I went to this Civil War battlefield. It is nice to get out of the house and actually do something. And as you know, I like exploring.

-Play with our new pup. This is now a big one since we got Knox. He needs to be walked and loved on a lot. He is wearing me out. I can't imagine having a baby because having a new puppy is a lot of work.
*First two photos from my updated Little Sloth about page. 
love, Carlee


  1. Its really cool that you are able to do these things regularly! I cant even make my bed on most days

    Defining Me

  2. Blogging can really take forever, too, I don't know how I manage to spend so many hours on it! Although exploring also sounds awesome.


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