Thursday, October 30, 2014

Disposable Camera || Roll 2

I got my second disposable camera roll back yesterday! I went to Walgreens this time instead of Rite Aid and I will definitely be going to Walgreens from now on. My prints only costed $10 for (25) and it came with a free CD of all the prints so I got to easily put them on my computer.

I have learned that I take my sweet time when I am using a disposable camera. I want each photo to be different and unique and I have also realized that I like the photos that tell more of a story and aren’t just selfies of Clark and I. So I will have to work on that more with the next batch of photos. Also I can’t be afraid to ask our friends to take a photo of Clark and I if we are out somewhere. Usually when I pull out my disposable camera my friends and family are like ‘what are you doing with that.’ Haha who can blame them though. Anyways out of 25 most came back pretty good. Here are my favorite.

My favorites:
-I absolutely love the 2 photos of my family in Vegas, even if my eyes are semi closed in one of them.
-I also love the last photo of Knox. He just looks so happy and the sky is SO blue and the grass is REALLY green. Makes for a cool photo.
-On the last roll I only posted 12 of the photos and this time I posted 15 so I think I am getting better at my disposable camera taking ability. I think for me it is more about the composition.
-I also really like the one of Clark holding the bowling shoes where my figure got in the way. hehe
-And the first one were I caught Knox in mid jump.

View disposable roll 1. I finished the last roll mid June and this roll at the end of October so it will probably be end of December before I finish another. I enjoy that though and I also enjoying forgetting what photos are on the camera until I get the roll back. These photos will be cherished.
love, Carlee

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