Friday, October 10, 2014

Light wash

So this past week while I was working on shop stuff and writing blog posts I watched Katy Perry’s: A Part of Me on Netlflix and it was so good. It brings you though her huge world tour of 2011 and she was married to Russell Brand then you see her become depressed when her marriage crumbles. But she still goes up and preforms every night and you see her go from crying to 15 minutes later being at a meet and greet. It is crazy to see how motivated she is and aspiring to continue on no matter what. I have more respect for Katy Perry now (not that I didn’t before.)

Anyways, long rant over. I wore this outfit grocery shopping. I love this shirt, I got it at Marshalls for $24. It is lucky brand and was originally $50 so it was a good deal. And the top has really great detail and texture which I love. Another, I am not a huge fan of light washed jeans. I seem to see them on other and really like them but on me, not so much. This is the only pair I have and I pull them out every once in a while.
Cardigan & Bag: Target
Shirt: Marshalls
Jeans: Old Navy
Mocassins: Famous Footwear

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  1. I saw that movie when it came out in theaters and i was crying my guts out! I was so sad.
    Specially in the end when she's in Brazil (i think) the very last one, and I think they tell her he's not going to come to her last tour stop or something like that. Maaan!, I stayed after credits cus I had to get myself together.

    I'm so jealous of your outfit for the simple fact that you get to layer up.
    Its "fall" out here and we barely hit 73! :<


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