Thursday, October 2, 2014

365 project: September

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. While in August Clark’s mom came to visit, went to the beach, Clark transferred battalions which he was happy about, and spent the last summer days by the pool. In September we went camping, to the county fair, celebrated Clark’s birthday, hit the gym up a few times and enjoyed time with friends. 
1. Camping Labor Days with my love. 
2. Trying to sleep in a tent with a wet dog will humidity is 95% = all we can do is laugh.
3. Laying in the green grass playing with the dog. 
4. Outfit photos at Arsenal park
5. Just chilling on the couch
6. Eating at Bubba’s great local place
7. Mornings
8. Walking back from the gym
9. Me, Knox, Clark
10. Us in black and white
11. Gym time
12. Carnival fun 
13. Sunday is time to go to the grocery store
14. Outfit photos with braided hair. 
15. Date night
16. These are our feet.
17. Kitty cat and jack o’ lantern
18. Lunch with Clark
19. Birthday fun for my husband
20. Stoplight selfie
21. Mountain dew shirt
22. Working on temporary tattoos for my shop and having the hardest time ...... ugh
23. Rootbeer floats at our favorite pizza place
24. Duke Football
25. Goldenrod outfit post
26. Oreos for Clark and chips ahoy for me
27. Goodnight
28. “Clark wave to the camera”
29. Bowling
30. Happy

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love, Carlee

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