Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween ghost tree

This is a super easy DIY that is perfect for giving your home some Halloween decor. I saw this pin on Pinterest and was like that is something that seems doable. I picked up some mini pumpkin in late September and gathered some sticks and branches from the forestry area by our house. Then I had to figure out how to make the ghost. I kept reading that cheese cloth works but I was like “what the heck is cheese cloth” and I didn’t want to spend money. So I used dryer sheets to make the ghosts and I made this simple Halloween ghost tree DIY. 
You’ll need
Mini pumpkins 
Sticks and branches 
Dryer sheets for the ghost 
1. Make sure to have a big enough vase that you can fit mini pumpkins
2. Buy mini pumpkins and clean them 
3. Put them in the vase and stick the branches into the vase so they are in there and won’t fall
4. Once the branches are arraged it is time to make the ghost.
5. Each dryer sheet is one ghost. Cut a strip of the dryer sheet to be the tie that makes the head. 
6. Tie the ghost so they make little heads. 
7. I tried drawing eyes with black permanent marker but they didn’t look good. 
8. So no eyes to the ghost. At least for me. 
9. I used staples to hook into the dryer sheet then onto the tree. 

So yeah it was super easy but an effective and now it is sitting on our courter living up or home for my favorite holiday Halloween. 
love, Carlee

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