Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Las Vegas Strip

After we visited the Hoover Dam we headed back to Las Vegas to meet up with my family who were flying in from Washington State. We stayed at the MGM right on the Las Vegas Strip and it was perfect. I have been to Las Vegas 3 times now and each time we stay at the MGM. That is where our loyatly lies I guess haha. Clark and I drove the Strip in our rental car once because we had the time and Clark had never been to Vegas before so taking in as much as he could was on the top of our agenda.
We drove from the Welcome to Las Vegas all the way down to the Stratosphere. Then we flipped a U turn and drove back down the Strip and parked at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to take some photos. Even though I have been to Vegas 3 times before I had never seen the Welcome to Vegas sign let alone take photos at it. People were lined up and politely waiting there turn to take photos. I went off to the side a bit to take photos. To avoid the line and also get a cool angle and some really nice lady from Europe offered to take our photo together!
We spent almost all of our time on the Las Vegas Strip. Whether it was gambling at the Monte Carlo or shopping at Planet Hollywood and Caesars. Watching the fountains at Bellagio or eating at the buffet at Excalibur. It’s definitely a one of a kind place somewhere you can go from Paris to New York all in a day. 
love, Carlee
Top: American Eagle
Shorts: Target

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