Friday, October 24, 2014

Vegas Snapshots

Here are the rest of my las vegas snapshots. These are all iPhone photos and represent our time in Vegas a lot better than the last three post. We honestly had the best time. And if you are ever thinking about going to Vegas 3 days is enough. By day 3 we were so tired, our feet hurt really bad, and I could feel myself getting a sore throat. I don’t see how people stay for a week or 2 (well they probably don’t go as hard every day.) This is my last post from our Vegas trip and I have been loving reliving our trip as I am home trying to fight off this dang head cold.
Fountains at Bellogio: We saw the fountains on Thursday night. It was awesome. They played along to Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. We actually saw them go off to 3 different songs in a 15 minute span. Last time I was there I thought they only went off every 15 minutes.

David Spade and Ray Romano Stand-up Comedy: We got to see David Spade and Ray Romano preform some stand-up on Friday night. They were really good. We were standing outside the theater probably 45 minutes before the show waiting for our whole group (11 of us total) and my oldest brother goes “that guy looks a lot like David Spade” and we turned around and I yelled and pointed “oh my gosh that’s David Spade” while he walked past us 10 feet away. He threw us up the peace sign and went on his way. It was awesome. I thought Ray Romano improvised more which I liked and also had more Vegas specific jokes which was funny. Although David Spade had one joke about getting lost in the MGM and it was hilarious especially since that is where we were staying so it hit close to home. haha

Gambling: I think our favorite place to play was the Excalibur. We went over there to see if the table minimum was cheaper (it wasn’t) but Clark ended up winning $140 at Black Jack. I lost $45 dollars the trip at Roulette and a stupid Deal or No Deal slot (never again.) My family was all there playing different games so that was the best part. And each time someone got a 21 I yelled Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. And my family all sighed haha but I would say “if I can’t do it in Vegas, where can I do it.” The answer would be nowhere.

Shopping: We didn’t do much shopping. I did get some souvenirs and we did walk around the Miracle Mile mall at Planet Hollywood. We also got our caricature done there. If you want to get a caricature in Vegas that is the place to do. I actually did one at the same place 3 years ago when I went with my family. There are tons of places to shop though. It’s like they know people are coming with money to blow.

Drinks: Fat Tuesdays and Big Chill are my favorites. Both have giant tall slushy drinks so you walk around looking like tourist but that is the fun part. Fat Tuesdays is cheaper so go there!

Nightlife: We went to a new place right outside the New York New York called Diablo. They tell you that there is no cover charge but as soon as you enter they make you buy a $20 drink so yeah. But it was fun, good music and lots of dancing. We were trying to go to Coyote Ugly but the line was too long also there is a rad piano bar in the New York New York that my brother really wanted to go to. We didn’t end up going because we got there too late for admission to be worth it but it looked fun (next time.) 

Misc.: If you don’t want to walk as much take the trams (one goes from Aria - Bellagio) and one goes from (Excalibur- Mandalay Bay) or if you want to go from MGM to Stratosphere take the Monorail which starts at the back of the MGM way cheaper than a cab and saves your feet. Also take a cab from the airport and not the hotel shuttle. The cab only cost us $12 from airport to MGM and took about 15 minutes were at the shuttle cost $10 per person and can take anywhere from 30min-2 hours. So the cab is always the way to go. Also, the New York New York roller coaster has a military discount so you get the $14 tickets for just $7 (FYI: if your in the military.) 

Next time we go to Las Vegas I would love to experience Fremont Street at night and maybe go to the Neon Sign Museum.
love, Carlee

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  1. You certainly had a great time in Las Vegas! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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