Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happening 10.5.14

Knox is the sweetest when he is sleeping. 
Chili and corn bread. #yum
Just finished and returned these books to the library. 
Finally picked some of the wildflowers. 
My friend that goes to UW sent me this photo of my family during tailgating. 
Knox assisting with this DIY. And yes I was hammering/nailing on the floor. 

I know I am a little late to the party but I love Candy Crush haha. When Clark’s mom came to visit in August she had it on her phone and that was the first time I had ever played it. I held off getting it because I knew I would get semi addicted. Well a couple of weeks ago I finally caved and downloaded Candy Crush. So now Clark and I have been playing and trying to beat levels haha. It’s dorky but kind of fun little thing we do together after dinner on the couch.

Also tomorrow is the day Clark asked me to be his girlfriend 5 years ago. I love dating anniversaries. As you know nothing is official until you say it on the internet/social media. So Clark, I love you and I am lucky to have a guy like you and I will never forget that. Also thanks.

Finished reading the books pictured above. And I got to say Bad Bridesmaid is pretty hilsarious. It tells some really funny tales of wedding drama. I am lucky not to have too much drama. But one thing (you probably don’t know) I asked one of my bridesmaid to be my bridesmaid and then like 2 weeks later she started acting so weird/drama/stressful and making me stressed out, saying things like “I had a dream, Clark didn’t show up at your wedding.” I was like ....... why would you say that? so I asked to her not to by in my wedding anymore and we haven’t really been friends since. Which is sad. But it’s just kind of weird. I mean how do you come back from something like that. Anyways that was about the only wedding drama I had and that happened months before the actual wedding so that was good.
( random story over)

Also, I haven’t been sleeping well like AT ALL lately. Any tips for insomnia? Ugh.
love, Carlee

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  1. i love that im not the only one that crazily tabs books!
    i love seeing that when i go back to them!


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