Thursday, July 9, 2015

Eno River State Park

Okay this is one of my favorite state parks in NC! Well I haven’t visited it all of them but of the ones I have visited this is definitely top 3. We didn’t see the whole park just one section but it was great. The river was only like .3 miles from the parking area and that alone might Clark say “this is the best state park we have been to” I must agree is is fun to not have to walk over a mile or more for the action (aka the river haha.)
There were lots of people at the state park. People in the river on tubs just chilling, kids playing in the rapids, people with their dogs. After we played in the rapids a little bit we walked the trail for a while and ended up seeing 3 turtles sitting on rocks sunbathing in the river. We didn’t walk the whole trail and after about a half mile we decided we were both hungry and hot and sweaty so we turned back.
On our way out of the trail we were on there were actually a bunch of trail maps and that when we realized that the state park is really big with like 4 different parking areas and a dozen hiking trails. So we only saw a sliver of Eno River State Park. I really want to do back and take Knox sometime. I think maybe in the fall when the humid dies down it would be a great place to go camping. 
love, Carlee

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