Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happening 7.2.15

What has been happening lately? Well it’s almost the 4th of July which I am excited about. It is also almost Clark and I’s second anniversary. Which is awesome. We are headed to Durham NC this weekend to celebrate the 4th and our anniversary! 
We got to hang out with some of our very best friends this past Sunday. I took some photos of their daughter and them. It was just for fun but with my DSLR, they were wanting some fun ones of their time here in NC. They are actually moving to Colorado in September and Clark and I are going to miss them very much. Here is a photo Clark snapped of me and their daughter Lea. She is the sweetest. 
So let’s see, Clark is getting ready to go on a training mission which is cool for him because for part of the time he is going to be in Washington State and his mom is really excited to visit him. I think my dad and brother might try to visit him as well. I am staying here in NC. I was making a list the other night of 30 things to do while Clark is gone and the list is pretty good. Some of the stuff is fun while some of the stuff is like must do stuff. There is also scrub the bathroom clean on the list and simple stuff like read books and go to the dog park. 
I am currently reading America, You Sexy Bitch by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain. I actually love it. I really like Michael Ian Black’s writing, I have read a book by him previously and I plan on getting this other book to read soon. He is a funny and charming writer. I like Meghan’s writing too. So basically the book is a Love Letter to America kind of sort of. Meghan and Michael travel across the country in an RV visiting all different cities from Vegas, SLC, to Branson MO etc. It is from each of there perspectives and it’s a good read. Meghan is a 27 year old Republican, gun-loving, pro-life, pro gay marriage, daughter of a senator. While Michael is a 40 year old Democrat, atheist, pro universal healthcare, comedian. It is fun to read about there journeys and thoughts of America. But mostly it is really nice to read a book about different opinions and sometimes arguments that are respectful to one another. And it’s so AWESOME to see two very different american’s still very much proud and in love with this country. It was written a couple years ago in 2012 but for me it’s nice to read it right now. I will say be warned it is mostly like a dairy of their two experiences and not so much getting to know another Americans. (Wow I wrote a lot) Next on my reading list is 1984. 
I am currently doing a paint by number. I find something relaxing and cathartic while doing them. I am very type-A, likes to get stuff done, list maker. But you have to change your thinking while doing a paint by number it takes time and patience and while yes theoretically it’s very simple I kind of love that about them. Anything this is my 4th one and I am going to give it to my dad and stepmom for Christmas they have a cabin and I think it would be perfect up there. 
I also made a patriotic hat for Knox to wear with his hotdog costume. The costume has just been sitting under our bed since Halloween and I was like what is more festive then an Uncle Sam hat and hotdogs. NOTHING! So I made a hat and we took some photos. I accidentally but the hat on backwards to you can see the imperfections and tape but oh well. It was just for fun anythings. 
I also cut the sleeve and hood off this jacket so that way it is now just a jean vest. The thing is after a couple of washes the sleeves there a little too short on my arms anyways and I really wanted to see if I could pull of the jean look. So far I like it. We will see though. 

I hope everyone has a great day and upcoming weekend!
love, Carlee

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