Thursday, July 16, 2015

June: Down on Paper Project

Hey y’all! If you are new here than checkout my past scrapbooking Down on Paper Projects here! June was a great month we got to hang with our friends so much! We ate ice cream, took Knox to the dog park, their were lightning storms, and tons of humidity. I went to a company picnic with Clark and we also went to the beach! One of my best friends down here had a birthday and Clark had staff duty. (Where we watched No Country for Old Men.)
We ate lots of watermelon and had a few rain downpours. Clark and I also took anniversary photos at the end of June. I got my passport  and we had another fun day at the river! We also went to a couple of movies, Jurassic World, Spy, and Inside Out. We usually don’t go to the movies and we went a lot so this month is definitely the month of the movie theater!
It was a good one! I am already done with week 1 and 2 of july which I am happy about. It feels good to stay caught up on projects. Another thing I realized is I’m probably going to need to get a bigger binder. Probably a 2 in. I didn’t realize how much space it would take up. I also recently bought some more scrapbooking stickers at Hobby Lobby that I am excited to use in July. Hope your day is great!
love, Carlee

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