Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kure Beach Fishing Pier

A couple of weeks ago now Clark and I went to the beach. I am not sure why I am just getting around to this post but I wanted to share my outfit from that day. We first stopped in at Britts Donuts at Carolina Beach then made our way about 5 more miles south to Kure Beach. I recently learned that the Kure Beach Fishing Pier was the first fishing pier on the Atlantic Coast. Isn’t that cool? This fishing pier was the first to stretch it’s legs into that warm Atlantic water. I also read good things about the fishing off the pier. People have caught small sharks before (CRAY). The fishing pier is open 24 hours and there are different fees/ permits in order to fish on the pier but it’s free if you just want to walk out on it.
We learned the best seat on the beach when it’s really hot out (like it was this day we went) is right under the fishing pier. It was cramped with lawn chairs and beach towels. The fishing pier provides a good shade so those people are very clever! After walking around the fishing pier a little while we made our way down to the beach to swim in the ocean.
While swimming in the ocean we saw a pelican fly overhead and land on the pier. I had seen photos on Yelp when I was looking into Kure Beach with the pelican on the pier and I was happy to see him land on the pier. After we ate watermelon, swam, hunted for jelly fish, and sun tanned we decided to go back up on the pier and say hello to the pelican. We got so close to him and he didn’t really seem to mind. Some people went up to him like they were going to pet him and he almost left, I was going to be sad but then they left him alone and he just was chilling. I think he sits there waiting for unwanted fish. After that we left Kure Beach and on the way home we stopped at my all time favorite ice cream shop Kilwins Chocolate and Ice Cream it’s in downtown Wilmington and if you are there you must stop!
love, Carlee
Dress: Target
Sandals: Old Navy
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