Monday, July 20, 2015

Floral Tape Fridge // DIY

I picked up this decorative tape up at AC Moore craft store a while ago and last week I thought it would be perfect to spruce up the fridge! I love this because it is like washi tape but bigger! Also it is floral and I paid $4.99 per roll because it was on clearance at AC Moore so what could be better. I also picked up some small rolls of red and black and some pink striped. I went a little nuts but it was on clearance and I thought it might be perfect for sprucing up our next rental place when we move in a year. 
Okay now on to the fridge.
You’ll need:

- 2 (you might need 3 - my fridge is short) rolls of this decorative tape.
- Scissors
- Towel / wipes to clean surface of fridge

1. Clean surface of fridge really good before starting. If you use wet wipes or water make sure the surface is completely dry before starting. 

2. Roll out the tape and cut off as much as you need. 

3. The hardest part is cutting around the handles so that the tape lays nicely on the fridge. 

4. If you need take a break, I did the whole fridge in like 4-5 hours because I did a couple strips then took a break. If I tried to do it all at once I would have drove myself crazy and just rushed through the end. 

5. To get the tape to lay flat pull up the ends tightly on each side of the fridge and then slide a book or clipboard over the tape to remove any air bubbles. 

6. That’s about it. Not a super hard DIY! 
This is one of my favorites. The floral pattern is a little girly but I like it for now. It adds some freshness to our kitchen and it’s summer so tropical floral pattern seems like a great choice. I also wanted to try it out because I wanted to see how it would work and how long it would last. That way in our next place, I can plan accordingly! I’ll let you know how it holds up. What do you think?
love, Carlee

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