Monday, July 13, 2015

The ballgame

So as you probably know by now, we spent our 4th of July at a baseball game in Durham NC. I love watching the Durham Bulls and 75% of that love comes from the movie Bull Durham, 15% comes from just my love of baseball, and 10% comes of my love of summertime and being outdoors. That added up to 100% right?

Since we stayed in a hotel in downtown Durham we just walked to the ballgame before it started. It was super nice to not have to worry about driving, parking, and getting home after the game especially since it was the 4th and all the people! Anyways we walked down to the ballpark about an hour early to get some food. We got Moe’s which was really good, although I spilled a little down the front of my brand new jersey but lucky it wasn’t too noticeable and also I got it out! So winning on the laundry front.

The ballgame was fun. Although Durham lost by 1. They ended up hitting 3 home runs but unfortunately no one else was on base during the home runs. We got Rita’s at the ballpark which is so great, they have the best italian ice and custard! After the game we waiting around to watch the fireworks and then after we walked back to the hotel! It was a great evening. 
love, Carlee

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