Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mid July

Hey guys, how’s it going? Over here is going good. There is another heat wave going on. I look at my iPhone weather app and it says 92 degrees and I am like it feels way hotter than that then I scroll down and it says “feels like 102 or 103” and I am like how can it be 92 but feel like 102? That is 10 degrees difference. It is the dang humidity!
I wore this outfit on Monday, I went to the mall to Kay Jewelers. Every year or so I have to get my wedding ring redipped and rohdium plated so that way it is restored to it’s former glory. Also I must be allergic to something in the white gold (maybe the nickel it is mixed with) because once it is worn down I get a rash on my finger :-/ which is not fun! I have got it redipped three times and the ring was purchased in 2012 so yeah it works to be about once every year. It sucks but I am glad that when Clark purchased the ring he got the lifetime warranty because it doesn’t cost anything! So yeah I have to wait on it for a couple weeks which is the hardest part.
love, Carlee
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Gap
Tank: Target
Belt: Forever 21 

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  1. So cute and summery! i love it. :) And OH MAN am i glad I am back in a dry climate! haha I couldn't handle the humidity, this year seemed worse than last.


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