Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4000+ and Happy Birthday Little Sloth

Happy late birthday Little Sloth! My business turned 3 years old on January 27th. And January 27th came and went and I didn't even realize until Jan 29 that I had missed it. Gahhhhhhh. I will chalk it up with being busy with Valentine's orders and trying to get a new product in the works. Which I think is a better representation of me caring about my business then remembering a date. Although I might need to treat myself to something fun because 3 years of a business is an accomplishment!
I also hit 4000 sales last week! Which was one of my goals to reach by my birthday this year (February 12) so I made it! It has been a really great year and I am excited as always to see what the new year brings. I know I am talking like it's the start of 2016 when in reality we have been in it a month but I am just starting to feel like I can talk about the new year and be excited about it. So weird I know. 

Anyways, I have a new product in the works that should be launching mid March. So it will be awhile but I am excited about it. I am also working on new mug designs and always working on new card designs. Have any animals that you would love to see on a mug? Or think might be popular? I am always open to ideas!!! 
love, Carlee 

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