Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tybee Island

On Saturday, the main thing I wanted to do was go out to Tybee Island. We saw Fort Pulaski first (read more from yesterdays post) it was awesome and 100% recommend. Then we headed to Tybee Island and first to the lighthouse. I wanted to do this on Saturday because the weather was suppose to be the nicest out of all the days of the weekend and that turned out to be accurate so I am glad we went on Saturday. Anyways, we found the lighthouse which wasn’t hard since it is the tallest in Georgia. We bought our tickets and went to climb the tower. The tower was first build in the 1700s but had since we rebuild 3 or 4 times. 
It was actually one of the more pleasant lighthouses I have climbed. The stairs were in really good shape and it was a pretty easy climb with 4 or 5 landings. We got to the top and you can go out on the steel balcony that circles the top of the light. A lot of people were totally freaked out cause we were pretty high up there. I ended up taking a photo of a couple and then lost Clark up there. I loved it and the view from the top. Turns out Clark was pretty freaked out as well and liked standing next to the wall and not the railing. Haha I don’t blame him it was high. 
After the lighthouse we went to lunch at The Crab Shack which we saw a much of signs for and had pretty good reviews. I had the pulled pork sandwich, corn, and Brunswick stew and Clark had the deviled crab and clam crowder. It was good and the atmosphere was really cool and they even had an alligator pond which I was convinced that the alligators were fake at first because none of them were moving but I saw a few move a little and our waitress said that they are hibernating right now so they don’t move much but in the summer they are super active.  After that we headed back out to the beach to go shelling (searching for shells) the weather was really nice. 

We found some really pretty shells and a bunch of dead hard starfish! I have seen starfish in Washington and Oregon but never dead ones so we took 3 home. I have them soaking in rubbing alcohol to get the smell out. We also found a beach swing and just relaxed and watching the waves! So pretty. 

love, Carlee
Scarf: Nordstrom Rack
Hat & Cardigan & Leggings: American Eagle
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Target
Shirt: Old Navy

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