Monday, February 22, 2016

Savannah GA - Day 3 (+ a video)

Sunday was our last full day in Savannah which was also Valentine's Day. First we went to Wormsloe Plantation. Then after we wanted to see Bonaventure Cemetery because I kept reading really good reviews on it and it was a must see while in Savannah. We drove around the cemetery for a while and it is huge. There were so many old graves and we didn't have a map or anything, I am sure there are sections specified on a map probably at the welcome center.  After the cemetery we wanted to go eat lunch at the Green Truck Pub which is in the Starland district of Savannah (rumor has it, that the Starland district is up and coming.) Anyways, we got there and realized it was closed on Sundays so I did a quick Google search and we found a place about a block away called Sly's Sliders and Flies which is a little burger place. They have slider burgers of all different flavors and mini hotdogs. I got one regular slider and one pulled pork slider and Clark got one regular and one rueben slider. They were really good! While waiting for our food they had one of those old school video games and it was free so Clark and I played and I ended up beating him! It was awesome haha. 
After lunch we went to the hotel and then walked to Forsyth Park. I knew it was something I wanted to see because it is like the main park in Savannah. And the fountain (pictured above) they dye the water green for St. Patricks day because the city was founded by an Irish man. So that is pretty neat. We walked the majority of the park and even got to watch a couple get married and exchange their wedding vows in front of the fountain. It was literally so sweet. Around 4 pm we drove back out to Fort Pulaski because I wanted to see Cockspur Lighthouse. I heard that you can walk to it at low tide and low tide this day was around 5:30pm. Unfortunately we had to leave the park by 5pm because it closes so we couldn't stay to long. We got out pretty far but couldn't walk all the way there. Maybe next time. After that we went back to the hotel to relax for a while and order some pizza. We didn't want to go out to dinner because Valentines Day is always super busy so we just ordered in pizza and we were we were gonna be walking a lot on our ghost walk later that night. 
We went on a haunted ghost tour. We actually wanted to do it on Saturday but it was sold out by the time we looks so we booked it for Sunday because it was something that I definitely wanted to do because we learned that Savannah is the most haunted city in the USA according to Duke University department of paranormal activity which is a real thing. (didn’t know it). Anyways, we did the Blue Orb Uncensored Adults Only tour and our tour guide was Adam and he was awesome and really funny. The tour started at 730 pm and lasted 2 hours and we saw about 6 spots and were told creepy stories from each stop. Mostly stories about murders or suicides that happened at the house and then supposed ghost that people see (I am still a skeptic but it was cool and creepy nonetheless) We also learned that Savannah is built upon dead bodies. They had a huge cemetery that is not just a little square cemetery so you know that the streets paved over bodies. There also have been reports of bodies found in walls of the old homes in Savannah and also buried in the basement. Which is just creepy even if you don’t believe in the paranormal. It was a fun tour and I would totally recommend it because we learned a lot more about Savannah’s pass that we wouldn't have other wised known. Also, I want to now read the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which is a true story set in Savannah. 

Just a little video of our trip. I noticed the quality on my DSLR for the video is TERRIBLE! From now on I would rather make videos on my phone. The quality is better. 
love, Carlee
Hat: American Eagle
Coat & Bag: Target
Leggings: Old Navy
Scarf: xmas gift
Boots: Marshalls

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