Friday, February 19, 2016

Wormsloe Plantation

I woke up really early on Sunday morning. I ended up finishing my book and finally waking up Clark at 8am. Then we ate breakfast. Our plan was originally to go to this plantation after lunch but since we were up so early we decided to go in the morning which was better because when we were there they weren’t many people. Only one other couple. We got to the plantation around 9:30am and I was immediately blown away with just the entrance gate and the first sight of the oak trees leading down the long dirt road to the original homestead. We parked and paid at the visitors center and then drove in. The dirt road with the 100 year old oaks and Spanish moss is actually over a mile long and the drive is gorgeous. Have you seen the movie The Last Song with Miley Cyrus well this plantation is suppose to be the boyfriend home and they go through the gates and drive down the oak lined road. 
You can’t actually visit the current standing plantation because the family still lives in it. 9 generations later. But you can see if from the dirt road. How weird would it be that your property is a tourist attraction? I think it would be odd. Anyways I am glad that they let us go on the property and tour. The original homestead is down by the river (now mostly marsh land) and what is left standing is manly the cement walls that surrounded the home. We noticed that a lot of old cement was made with a mixture of seashells which we thought was totally weird because we had not seen that anywhere else, ever. But when we went into the museum we learned that it was actually really strong and a readily available material. 
There was also nice trails to walk and old gravesite of the original family and a colonial homestead rebuild site to show you how it would have looked back in the day. It was crazy to me that Savannah GA was founded in 1733 and it was a bustling town before we were even an independent country. That is so long ago. The plantation site was very pretty and the mile long oak covered dirt road was definitely a highlight. It really was so gorgeous! And totally worth the visit in my opinion. 
love, Carlee
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