Monday, February 15, 2016

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Hey all! So I just got back from Savannah GA. Clark and I went for the extra long weekend and had a blast. Clark actually got work off Friday so we left the house early and made the 4 hour trip down to Savannah! We actually had plans to go to the Outer Banks of NC for the weekend but it snowed up there and was suppose to be really cold so it shouldn't kind of miserable. We both knew we couldn't just stay home since it was my birthday on Friday and also Valentine's Day and they both fell on Presidents' Day weekend which made it perfect because Clark got a long weekend. So instead of heading North we headed South for some warmer weather and I am so glad we did. We had the best time!
Our first stop was actually to get lunch when we got close to the SC- GA border. So I got on Yelp and found a local BBQ place with good reviews called The Pink Pig. It's kind of out of the way but totally worth it if your in the area. I got the pulled pork sandwich and hushpuppies and Clark got a shrimp Po-Boy sandwich. After that we drove to the visitors center of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge to get a map and ask the park ranger where the best place in the park was so see alligators. I have lived in the south for almost 3 years now and have never seen a wild alligator. It was time. He showed us on the map where our best bet would be but said not to get our hopes up because they are in hibernating season and aren't out much. But I just wanted to see one so I was still hopeful.
We ended up seeing 7 alligators while doing the 4 mile Wildlife Nature Trail in our car. You can park and get out and see the gators. The first one we saw was so close and another couple that was there said this is the closest they have ever seen one at the refuge so we were lucky and it was the first one! We saw tons of different birds and a turtle. Then we saw 6 more alligators although they were farther away. We saw 4 laying out and 2 in the water. At first we thought maybe we were seeing things but they were definitely gators. It was a good trip and sine alligators are in hibernation right now they aren't very active but in the summer they are out a lot more and more active. Anyways, highly recommended if you are in the south and want to see some wild alligators. It is cool. Definitely not the same as seeing them in the zoo or aquarium.
love, Carlee
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