Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Savannah GA - Day 1

After we went to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and saw 7 alligators! We headed to our hotel in downtown Savannah GA. Whenever we go on vacation I love staying downtown or wherever the action is so that way we can walk most places and save money on gas and parking and besides its just so much more convenient. Even if the hotel is a little more expensive, I think the experience is worth it. So we checked into our hotel which was the Hampton Inn on Ogerthope Street. It was within great walking distance to everything, had parking and free breakfast so it was great! Anyways we checked in around 2pm. Put our stuff in the room and changed out of our sweaty road trip clothes. The first thing we did was walk to Chippawe Square (there are so many squares in Savannah!) We got to see the exact location were the bus stop scenes in Forrest Gump were filmed. So cool. Then we walked toward the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. We were happy to go at a time when visitors were aloud in and to look around. The Cathedral is beautiful! So pretty. It reminded me of the Duke Chapel but more ornate and colorful inside. So worth the visit.
After the cathedral we decided to look on our map for where to head next. We saw that the first Girl Scout headquarters and the founders old home was near so we walked that way to visit it. We didn't go inside or anything but we looked around the outside and even bought some Thin Mints from Girl Scouts on the corner. Later we would realize that the city is crawling with Girl Scouts and we don't know if that was just this weekend or during cookie season or all the time but Savannah is where the Girl Scouts were founded so it was fun to see them around every corner.
Next we walked down to River Street which is so pretty and fun! The old cobblestone streets and the river boats on the water and the cute shops and restaurants make for one great area of the city. Besides you can walk around with open containers meaning you can drink on the streets while walking around. Super fun! I found myself a souvenir Christmas ornament in one of the shops and then we did a quick Google search for the best restaurants on Rivet Street and ended up at the Cotton Exchange Tavern. Which as very good. Oh and they had crinkle fries which are my favorite! Every restaurant we ate at had really good food and it came out quick and hot which was wonderful.
After dinner we walked around River Street some more. Listen to local music on the street and saw local artists painting photos of the sunset. We also when into River Street Sweets which was a large candy store and they even gave us a sample of a hot pecan cluster and it was to die for. We then starting walking back to the hotel and Clark lead us passed a bakery and we went inside and he bought a little cake (it was my birthday) and then we got back to the hotel he made me wait in the bathroom while he decorated the cake really quick. (It was a total surprise because we had already celebrated in the morning before we left for GA which cinnamon rolls and opening presents.) Always he said I could come out and all the candles were lite and it said Happy Birthday Carlee I <3 U. He sang me happy bday and I blew out the candles. It really was so sweet. Then we had cake and were in for the night. It was a great birthday and a wonderful first day in Savannah.
love, Carlee
Cardigan & Bag: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: Macys
Sandals: Toms

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