Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Bowl invites

The Super Bowl is this Sunday! Are you guys excited? I am. I wish the Seahawks where playing but Carolina and Denver is playing and I am excited either way. It is funny, I had this running joke with Clark that Knox and I were having a Super Bowl party and he couldn't come until he got an invite. So the joke died down until a couple days ago when I was talking about what he wanted to eat during the Super Bowl like anything specific or party food like nachos are hoagie sandwiches and he said "I haven't got an invite yet so I can't come remember." And I laughed haha. So I made him an invitation and it was too cute not to share. 
The past two years living in NC we have had Super Bowl parties with our friends but this year we have decided to just hang low and just be the two of us. Which I think will be super fun although I am excited to make some fun party food just in lower quantities.  haha This was a super easy DIY if you have a printer and some scrapbook paper. 

You'll need
Scrapbook paper
White Paper
Glue or tape

So I actually found a football on clipart that I printed out. I folded the paper and cut out the football but made sure it was still attached at the top so I could put in invite information on the inside flap. I then opened Photoshop and designed a cute little invite and printed it out then glued it to a scrapbook paper and cut it out and glue it into the inside of the invitation. I also backed the entire invitation with blue scrapbooking paper. 

On the front of the envelope I even wrote the address and drew a fate stamp and I am gonna put it in the mailbox so he will find it there.  I think he will like it and get a good laugh from it. Which is the goal. Hope y'all have a good weekend! 
love, Carlee

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