Friday, October 4, 2013

Averasboro Civil War Battlefield

Last week I was feeling a little bit down so I decided to take a little day trip while Clark was at work. I recently had been researching Civil War battlefields in North Carolina and I noticed a couple close to Fayetteville. I REALLY want to go see a Civil War reenactment which do happen at certain forts throughout the year. I think my best bet will be to do to one in the spring. So I headed about 20 minutes from Fayetteville to see the Averasboro Battlefield and Cemetery. These photos are taken at the cemetery area.
This area consisted of the battle cemetery, the battlefield, and a gift shop and musuem. The battlefield wasn't much. Just a regular field with a monument saying the battle of Averasboro. My favorite was the cemetery area. There was video that played information, tombstones, a log cabin, and information boards. I am excited to visit more Civil War battlefields in North Carolina and a long the way learn more information about how the war played out. Of course, I learned the basics in school but I don't really know the battle information and progressions etc. 
The weather continues to get better around here. It is nice to be able to wear pants but also sandals. I really enjoy that. The humidity is also fading out of the air. Someone said that July and August are the worst months in North Carolina heat and humidity wise and I just laughed because those were the first two months I was here. ha of course. Enjoy your day.
love, Carlee 
Pants: Marshalls
Coat: Eddie Bauer
Tank: H&M
Sandals: Gap


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