Thursday, October 17, 2013

Julian Price Memorial Park

This was a great stop along the way. It was our first glimpse of the great colors on the trees. Of course there was ton of other people at this stop. Lots of people with other dogs and Knox loves that. At first he gets really excited and acts like he is gonna be aggressive with the other dogs but he just gets excited when he first spots the dogs. Then he is really nice and just sits and lets the dog smell him. He is really sweet. Everyone keeps asking if he is nice and we keep saying YES. I wonder if people just think we are saying that because he is our puppy but he really is very sweet. In these photos he looks kind of grumpy. He has sad eyes but oh he is so cute. 
Anyways the Blue Ridge Parkway is definitely a must see and I would recommend during mid October when the leaves are changing. That is why we have waited 3 months to do the parkway. It was also Columbus Day weekend this past weekend so Clark got a four a day and we got to head out early and come home late. The Blue Ridge Parkway actually runs from upper Virginia through the mountains of North Carolina. We started it in upper NC and got off the parkway around Linville, NC so we did quite a bit but there was still more to do. 
So for the next three most you will see this same outfit because it is the same day. Obviously. I had a lot of different photos from this day because there was so many great stops along the parkway so I am splitting them up into different groups. So stay tuned and of course you will see more of our really cute puppy so keep a look out.
love, Carlee
Pants & Tanks: Marshalls
Scarf: old
Boots: Cathy Jean
Socks: H&M 
Coat: Target

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