Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone! I wish I had some scary post for today but I don't. I am excited it is halloween. Well because it is my favorite holiday. Every year on Halloween from middle school until high school I would throw a Halloween party for all my friends and I. Then in college, my friends and I would all carve pumpkins and of course go have a little fun at a party. This year Clark and I plan to hand out candy to trick or treaters and watch a scary movie tonight. Clark also gets off work early today so that is fun. 
We did have to carve another pumpkin because ours rotted and molded big time. Eww. You can see our other pumpkins here and our Halloween costume here. We did dress up and go out last weekend so that is when we got all dresses up in our costumes. Anyways Happy Halloween. 
love, Carlee


  1. you are sporting what may likely be the prettiest top knot i ever did see. kudos on that.

  2. Hey! for me Halloween just got over! Check out my experience!

    Defining Me

  3. Beautiful photos! Your other pumpkins were intense!! You're talented carvers ;) And your costumes are SO dang cute!
    Thanks for linking up! :)


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