Thursday, October 24, 2013

Historic Orchards at Altapass

I saw this orchard when I was researching places to stop and see along the Blue Ridge Parkway and I thought it would be a great stop. We almost missed the turn from the parkway but we made it. There was a ton of cars parked and lots of people walking around outside the barn. We got out of the car to check out the scene. 

We heard lots of laughter and music the closer we got to the barn. Once inside there was an old time string band playing and tons of people dancing. I was trying to get Clark to get out and dance with me but he was not having it. One of the first things we noticed was how the apples looked. I did grow up on an Apple farm and these apples were not very good. I did have a sample and they tasted great but didn't look so good. Small and bruised. But that might have just been because it was the end of the season. 
There weren't just apples for sale. There was apple butter, honey, jelly, also ice cream. We didn't buy anything but we did leave the barn and walked around the grounds a bit. It was a nice crisp fall day. And I loved the smell of apples in the air, definitely makes me miss home.
love, Carlee

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