Monday, October 7, 2013

Knox- our first puppy.

Meet our new and very first puppy Knox. He is the sweetest dog ever! I know everyone probably says that about there first puppy but he really is. We got him on Friday. Clark got off work early and we were sitting on the couch just relaxing. When Clark asked "Have you looked for puppies recently." I really hadn't. We have been looking to get a puppy for about a month now.
 We first had to decided what characteristic we wanted our pup to have. We wanted a medium to large dog. A dog that would do fine in an apartment. A dog that wouldn't shed to much (being in an apartment, this was important.) My biggest thing I wanted was a dog with a good temperament. I have always had really good family pets and I didn't want to get a naughty dog.

So after Clark asked if I had looked at anymore puppies. I got online and poked around. My usually looking spots have been Ebay Classifieds, Craigslist, and the Fayetteville newspaper. Then I searched for things like "Labradoodle, doodle, poodle mix" why these words? Well because usually poodle mixes don't shed and that was a thing we wanted. Usually the prices on these puppies are around $600-$1000. That is expensive! At least for this newlywed couple. So I kept looking and was patient.
The first place I went to online on Friday was Craigslist. I typed in the word "doodle and a listing popped up that I had previously seen. They were the cutest golden doodle and chow mix so "choodle." This time when the add popped up a photo number was listed too so I called the lady and asked for a few questions. I got off the phone around 3 and we decided we were gonna take the 1 hour trip to check these puppies out. By 6 we were on our way home with our new pup.

Choosing the name was not to painful. We thought of names on the hour trip to the family's home to look at the pups. We pretty much new we wanted a boy but we were open to a girl as well. So most of the names were boys here was our basic list: Ralph, Nash, Pratt, Charlie, Nasus, etc. Clark said Bam which made me think of Jackass and I said "No, and we aren't naming him Johnny or Knoxville." Then we were both kind of like "we like Knox." So our front runners were Knox and Nash. 
Once we got him we knew he was a Knox. He is just so darn adorable. I still can't believe we will have this dog when we have children. I know he will be a good dog and he is our first little man. Anyways have a wonderful Monday. I am off to take my little guy to the vet for the first time to get checked out. 
love, Carlee 
Pants & Purse: Target
Sandals: Macy's 
Sweater: Old Navy

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