Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grandfather Mountain

Our last stop this day was Grandfather Mountain. Since it was a Saturday there was a ton of people going to Grandfather Mt. The road to the entrance gate was so backed up we waited for about 30 minutes to even get to the gate. The cost to get in was also $18 dollars a person but it was definitely worth it. They gave you a CD that narrated a trip up to Grandfather Mt and talked about the different spots along the way. 
The first stop we made was at the split rock area. We hiked to the fudge shop. We got chocolate walnut and chocolate peanut butter fudge. Clark waited outside with Knox while I got the fudge. I got out of the shop and Clark said "all the girls love Knox." Haha of course and Knox loves all the girls and the attention. I picked up a few postcards at the gift shop and sent one to my mom and one to an old teacher of mine. 
We drove up to the top of Grandfather Mt. There was options to park about a mile below and hike or drive to the top and park. We drove. The father we got up to the mountain the foggier it got so we decided it wasn't a good idea to hike. It was rather cold and wet. But we knew we wanted to at least walk across Mile High Bridge. It is officially one mile above sea level but really only about 80 feet above the ground below it. Once on the bridge we couldn't really see anything, I kept saying "It feels like infinity." And it did. You couldn't see anything just white nothingness. 
On the way down we listed to the rest of the CD and turns out there is a "Forrest Gump Curve" on Grandfather Mt. It is featured on the movie when Tom Hanks is doing on this run across the country. Some awesome trivia for today. Also this is the last post from this day with this outfit. Yay for a different outfit next post. Have a great day.
love, Carlee

Same outfit at last two post
Pants & Tanks: Marshalls
Scarf: old
Boots: Cathy Jean
Socks: H&M 
Coat: Target

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  1. It's a shame it was so foggy, but it still looks gorgeous! Also - I am IN LOVE with you boots, too cute!


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