Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hanging Rock State Park

After checking out the shell gas station we headed to our hotel where we checked in and unpacked. Then we got some lunch and made the 30 minute trip from Winston-Salem up to Hanging Rock State Park. This was a great trip and a great walk for Knox. He loved it and got so much attention from all the passerbyers. (word?) The hike to the top of Hanging Rock was 1.3 miles so we ended up hiking 2.6 miles that day.
Clark ended up carrying Knox a little bit of the way up because some of the rocks were steep and to high for him to jump up. But he did end up doing great on the hike. He was excited to be out and about and see all the people.
The view from the top of the rock was awesome! I kept saying how photos don't do it justice at all. It seems that is how much things are. You have to be there and experience it. That is just what we did. There were a lot of people taking photos and playing with there families. There was one couple just sitting at the edge of the rock and talking. Maybe about life and the future. It was nice to see that some people still take a step back from the world and just be.
Leggings & Shoes: Nike
Tank: DIY
Shirt: Target
Hat: Boston Team Shop

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  1. Your puppy is the cutest! I wish I could have a pet, but living in a rental apartment rules it out!
    You guys always travel to such wonderful places, I'm inspired to get out adventuring on my university break.


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