Wednesday, February 19, 2014

21 before 22 revisted

These are some lost photos from over a year ago. I took them when my mom, little brother and I visited family on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound in Washington State. Both of my parents actually grew up on Whidbey Island, what a beautiful place. 
* You can view the original 21 before 22 post here.

1. Get Married
July 5th, 2013

2. Go on adventures to new places
I am currently living in North Carolina which is someplace I had never even been before so I would definitely say I have been on many adventures to new places.

3. 500 Sales on Etsy
This actually happened on October 29th 2013. So I was really happy about that because I was ahead of my goal.

4. Do an exercise a day each month.
This did not happen. Although it should have...

5. Make a beautiful home for Clark and I
I think this happened but I am always in the process of making a warm and cozy home. View our bedroom tour.

6. Grow my blog. 1000 followers
So this did not happen. I think part of the reason was I changed my blog name and web address so even some follower I had before were lost. But I am proud of my blog and shop that are growing organically. Which I have learned is the best way for them to grow.

7. Start taking business classes
I have taken a business law class.

8. Paint a big abstract painting for my home
No, but I did find an awesome one at Goodwill for $7 and is now hanging above our bed.

9. Build a frame for my scratch off map.
I actually found a frame from Michael's that was just the frame and no glass and it was like 60% off so it was perfect.

10. For the next 3 months, design 3 or more greeting cards each week. 50 listings by June.
This might have happend. I didn't keep track of it as well as I should have. But I am proud of what I have listed and the number.

11. Get pretty mugs
This might have just been a filler goal. But I did get the prettiest turquoise mug ever from Goodwill.

12. Publish Children's Book
Nope, I did a lot of research this past year about submitting manuscripts to publishers. I just need to take the leap, make sure to put my best foot forward, and try.

13. Celebrate big/special days with Clark
Yes! We got to celebrate his birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and now my birthday together. It is a nice change from last year.

14. Design a Valentine's Line for Little Sloth 2014
Yes. I had about 24 cards total in the shop for Valentine's Day and I designed 17 new ones for this Valentine's Day. Sure not all were great sellers so I probably won't relist them next year but some did awesome!

15. Learn how to coupon well
Well I do use coupons when I have them and I am buying that item. But I learned that a lot of times coupons are used on things people don't really need. And we try to by stuff we really only need.

16. Don't eat after 8 pm
This didn't happen. Since getting married my eating habits kind of got out of whack which isn't good.

17. In October, design a Christmas line for Little Sloth. 15+ cards
This happened. I actually designed 19 cards. About 7 were popular.

18. Deal with being away from Clark better. Step back from situations when needed.
Yes. I was with Clark alot more this year since we got married. But even I think I did a lot better at this goal.

19. Cook more. Try different, new recipes
This did happen. I haven't really shared it here on the blog but I have tried fish tacos, homemade french fries, pizza, baked ziti, etc.

20. More photo shoots. Friends/family, build portfolio.
This didn't happen. I think it could have if I really put my mind to it. But as of right now my life is going in another creative direction and that is where I am going as well.

21. Travel
I would say this definitely happened. I drove across the country with my best friend, drove through South Carolina and Georgia to see Clark at Airborne school, Clark and I have gone to western NC and drove through the mountains and also seen the coast and the Outer Banks.

*Early next week I will be sharing my 22 before 23 post. Stay tuned for that.
love, Carlee


  1. Great post.


  2. Wow, look at you! I always make little lists like this but then I never follow through. You might have just inspired me though :)
    xo TJ


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