Monday, February 17, 2014

Card stock water-marbling

This project was 100% inspired and taken from Elise and her project that she did a couple of weeks ago. It looked and sounded easy enough and I wanted to give it a try. I love paper goods and products and I thought cards with nail polish water marbling on them would make a great thank you or just because card for family and friends. I really like the way they turned out although I don't think I had the best technique. 
 One thing I did have trouble with is the water temperature. The nail polish kept hardening at the surface. I tried warm, hot, and cold water and they all seemed to do the same thing. I looked it up later and room temperature water is ideal (haven't tried it.) I did get a few cool resulted mixed it with a lot of trial and error. 
Another thing I found is gloves are a must because this can be very messy. Elise said to use gloves but since I didn't have any laying around, I just passed and then spent about 15 minutes scrubbing nail polish off my hands with nail polish remover when I was done. So if you can use gloves do it. Anyways go check out Elise directions for more information on how to do this. That is what I followed. 
I am excited to have some unique/ one of a kind cards to send out as thank you notes or for a occasion when I need one. Since I design greeting cards professionally it is nice to just do something for fun. 
love, Carlee

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