Monday, February 10, 2014

Orange Sun

I noticed this awesome wall when I was driving onto base the other day. So on Sunday when Clark and I were headed to the commissary to do some grocery shopping I knew I wanted to stop and take some photos. Because what an awesome wall. It is sort of in an alley way but I like that someone spruced the wall up with a bright orange sun.
This is really a basic outfit for me and as you probably have noticed a variation of this outfit is usually what I am it. What can I say I know what I like. This cardigan is one of my favorites, it is thick and comfy, I am actually wearing it as I type this. Even though this is the type of outfit I usually wear, I would like to get out of my comfort zone and try some new things and add some new pieces to my closet. I actually haven't been shopping in forever. I usually go into shopping excited about buying some new pieces then end up thinking 'do I really need this.' And not purchasing anything. That is usually why you see a lot of the same pieces here on the blog. But I would like to add a few new pieces, I am just one of those girls that need to LOVE the piece before I buy it. I am not into wasting money. 
Anyone else watching the Olympics? I have watched Ski jumping, downhill skiing, figure skating, Cross Country skiing, and Biathlon. One thing I love about the Olympics is that it is usually playing all day so you just get to keep it on the TV all day and catch bits and pieces. I will be honest, I am much more of a summer Olympics fan. I love gymnastics and beach volleyball.  But the country pride and coming togetherness of the Olympics is really amazing for all the countries. One of the ski jumpers has competed for 7 Olympics and is 41 years old that is absolutely incredible! Just saying. Have a happy Monday.
love, Carlee 
Pants & Tank: Marshalls
Sweater: Forever 21
Boots: Cathy Jean


  1. I love that giant orange sun! I would have stopped and taken photos, too. I also love that those bright pants are part of a basic outfit for you. Color lovers, unite!

  2. I seriously love how you said you loved that someone brightened up the alley wall with bright orange. It seems you took part in brightening it up a bit too! Those pants look gorgeous on you. i love your basic go-to outfits! You'd be horrified if you saw mine... ;).

    I so wish I could get that mind set of *loving* each piece before I buy it. I'm soooo wishy washy when it comes to clothes, but I've slowed down tremendously since the days I started blogging (I was buying clothes 2-3 times a week! like LOADS of clothes.) It's an improvement for sure! Also, good thing I recycle them often - thrift store to home then back to thrift store. ;)


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