Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DC: travel tips + a video

Capitol Bikeshare: I have been to DC twice now and I can definitely say biking is the way to good if you want to see on the sights and not kill your feet. So you can get a 1 day or 3 day pass via all the kiosk around DC and each bike ride is free for the first 30 minutes and then you add $2 for each extra 30 minutes. Clark and I never went over the first 30 minutes so we only made $34. ($17 for each person for the 3 day pass)

District Taco: This place is kind of similar to Chipotle but better! At least I think so. We walked to it on Sunday evening because it was close to our hotel and I was feeling some tacos. I actually got a taco salad and Clark got a quesadilla. He also LOVED that they had black cherry soda. 
Shake Shack: Yes, so yummy. The first time I went was in NYC and I still love it a lot. I also heard there is now on open in Vegas so  it’s making it’s way to the west coast! Watch out In N Out.

McDonalds in the Air & Space Museum: So this definitely isn't a must but on the far side on the museum there is a giant McDonalds. It's like assembly style and super fast! 

Wear sunscreen: Hot and humid in the summer and if you are tourist you are definitely going to be out walking/biking a lot! We wore sunscreen and still got a little burnt.

Wear comfy walking shoes: pretty self explanatory, I think! 

Take the Metro if needed, it’s really not complicated: We took the Metro from our hotel to the capitol south station because we wanted to see the Capitol and Library of Congress and we thought it made sense to ride the Metro since it was about 3 miles away and just slowly make our way back through the Mall via walking and bikes. Remember keep your ticket because you will need it to get our of the metro station. This was a surprise to me since you didn’t need to do that in NYC.

Hit up the really popular museums early: Like the Air & Space Museum. Make sure to hit it up early because on weekends, especially holiday weekends it will get busy.

Holocaust Museum: Clark and I didn’t go this time but when I first went to DC we went and I really loved it. It was emotion and amazing. I would 100% recommend it.
What was your favorite thing you did?
Clark: I liked riding bikes around the monuments.

Carlee: I loved bike riding as well. It was really cool to see the city via bike and be able to get from one monument to another with ease.

What was the favorite thing you ate?
Clark: District Taco because of the cherry soda.

Carlee: I love me some Shake Shack french fries. Crinkle fries are kind of my jam.

Something that you could have skipped and been fine?
Clark: I could have done without going to the watermelon house. It was a long bike ride.

Carlee: I second Clark’s watermelon house comment. I also could have done without the Greek food I got at the food truck on Satuday. I just didn’t really like it, although Clark really enjoyed it.

Other thoughts
Clark: Go to the Botanical Gardens. They were really cool and not crowed.

Carlee: I 100% recommend the Library of Congress and the National Archives. Also in the summer there are SO MANY food trucks, take advantage of it.
Plus here is a fun little video of our trip:

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