Monday, June 1, 2015

Washington DC: the third day

Hey y’all I only have two more post. This one and one more on DC. I am trying not to drag it out too long because I just don’t like to but I do have a TON of photos from Washington DC that I want to get up on the blog and this seems like this is the best way. So the third day was our last full day in DC which was Sunday and then we headed out of town early Monday morning. Anyways, we woke up early on Sunday because we wanted to get tickets for Fords Theater and I didn’t reserve any online so we had to be waiting around 8am for the box office to open at 8:30am to get tickets. We were lucky we got there when we did because there were a lot of people. We got our tickets for the 9am tour. We figured since we were already there it would be easiest to just to the tour then. 
Ford’s Theater was pretty great. The basement was a whole exhibit of Lincoln and the Civil War history they even had the clothes that Lincoln was shot in on display which I thought was just nuts. Then we went into the actual theater and saw the presidents booth were Lincoln was shot. The park ranger actually gave us the whole history of how John Wilkes Booth planned it and more back info on Lincoln. After that we went across the street and got to see the bedroom that Lincoln actually died in because he didn’t die until 7am the next morning. The Ford’s Theater ticket got us into that museum as well. 
After that we rode bikes (Capital bikeshare) over to the Air & Space Museum which opened at 10am. There were still quite a lot of people but nothing compared to Saturday. Also it was early in the morning, but I expected things to be busy I mean we were there on a holiday weekend - Memorial Day weekend. (There was the Capitol Concert going on and also the Rolling Thunder Bike Rally, so yeah lots of people, but we didn’t mind.) 

The Air & Space Museum rocks as you might have guessed. We loved it. Next time we are in town we really want to go to the Boeing Air Hanger in Chantilly, VA it looks so rad. We are sad we missed the open times but by the time we figured it out it was already closes. We grabbed some lunch and then walked and bikes around some more. We checked out the Smithsonian castle where we learned a lot about Mr. James Smithson himself. Very interesting fellow. In the afternoon we were very tired so we made our way back to the hotel for a nap. 
In the evening as the sun was setting we rode our bikes back down to the National Mall and Memorials for one last look of DC. I heard DC at night is beautiful and I was not disappointed although I will say there are SO MANY bugs at night and the night we were there the air was SO humid. I thought it would be better in the evening but some how it was worse. Ugh but it was all good, we ended the night with some ice cream while watching America Ninja Warrior on the hotel TV! It was a good trip. 
love, Carlee 

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